Author Guidelines

Authors must follow these instructions carefully to avoid delays in submission, double-blind peer-review, and publication processes. 


Submissions should be made through the online system. The author is required to log into the system or create a new account if does not have one. Download and follow the Submission Guideline (PDF) !

There are 3 documents (submitted separately in different documents) for the submission as follows:

  1. Submission Form (the scanned version of the Submission Form is acceptable) (template).
  2. Manuscript Template (template).
  3. Supporting Document (Figures and Table). Figures (minimum resolution 640 x 480 pixels, and maximum resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels, upload figures individually with name Figure 1, Figure 2, and so on. The total number of figures together with tables must not exceed 10).

After submitting by the system, authors also need to send an email to Only the complete following process manuscript will be processed. Here is a guide and checklist to help you monitor your completeness (Checklist).


After the submission, the manuscripts will be edited according to the journal submission format, and authors may be requested for some corrections or for the addition of any missing information. Along with the revised manuscript, authors should supply a revision note that includes all the changes made to the manuscript and detailed responses to all the comments passed by the reviewer(s) and Editor. The revision note should be submitted as a Word document.

Download and follow the Revision Guideline !

There are several documents that need to be uploaded for the revisions:

  1. Revision Note (template).*
  2. Manuscript (compulsory to highlight your changes using "text highlight color tools"; activating "track changes" in document editor software is also acceptable).*
  3. Supporting Document (Compulsory even if there is no correction required on this part).*
  4. References exported from Citation Manager (format file: RIS) (See how to get this type of file from these links: EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero).


Once the authors have returned the revised paper and it has been reviewed and accepted by the Editor, the accepted version will be released for storage in the Online Journal System IJEAS. Authors can access it for self-archiving and personal use. In IJEAS, the accepted versions or Accepted Author Manuscripts (AAM) or postprints, are not for public access. The final version, or Version of Record (VOR), will be published according to the schedule (February or August), along with the abstract and full text, without any embargo period. The final version is citable, having undergone copyediting, typesetting, metadata application, and allocation of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). There are no submission or page fees for the International Journal of Environment, Architecture, and Societies (abbreviated as IJEAS - int.j.env.arch.soc.).