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Vol. 2 No. 02 (2022): Digital Conservation and Urban Patterns to Preserve the Environment, Architecture, and Society
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DOI : 10.26418/ijeas.2022.02.2

Message from Editor

IJEAS (International Journal of Environment, Architecture, and Societies) now publishes its fourth edition, Volume 2 Issue 2 of 2022. The topics discussed in this journal are the environment, architecture, and societies related to the substance in design, planning, building technology and construction, urban and settlement, history and arts, research, and education.

The Volume 2 Issue 2 raises a theme: Digital conservation and urban patterns to preserve the environment, architecture, and society. Five titles are carefully selected for this issue. They are: The Typology of Settlement Development in Riverbanks in Pontianak, Virtualization of Digitalized Cultural Assets to Promote Sustainable Heritage Tourism in Malaysia, Exploring Translocation of Omah Java in Pawon Garden, Bogor: A Case Study of Ex-situ Architectural Conservation, Urban Tapestry: A Place-Sensitive Approach to Sustainable Urban Design, and The Art of Kelarai in Malay Architecture. The papers were submitted by authors from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam.

The specific coverage of this issue is environment, architecture, and societies. Discussing an urban pattern, one of the articles tries to map the development of a city from the influence of the existence of a river and its tributaries, taking the case in Pontianak. Another article discusses the process of translocation of Javanese Omah in Pawon Garden Parung in a narrative manner, resulting in knowledge about the translocation of Javanese vernacular buildings as an effort of ex-situ conservation in architectural terms. Another author brings the issue of the extent of flexibility in vernacular architectural concept, in relation to design adaptation on modern masjid for optimal thermal performance. The last author to discuss this part endeavors to document the functions of kelarai in traditional architecture that has been passed down from generation to generation in Malay culture and people in Southeast Asia. The other aspect of this publication, digital conservation, an article discusses digitalized cultural assets virtualization to promote sustainable heritage tourism.

It is intended that this current publication could further help readers acquire a more thorough knowledge of the themes discussed. We are still doing our best to ensure the topics' long-term viability and nurture them up to date to reflect recent events.


Enjoy reading!

Zairin Zain

Editor in Chief

Published: 2022-08-31

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