Apply as Reviewer

How can I become a peer reviewer, what are the qualifications required, and where do I enter my reviewing interests?

Editorial Director,

You don't necessarily need to have a PhD or other advanced degree but must have credentials to consider yourself a peer or expert in a specific subject area. Ideally, peer-reviewers have published in the subject are themselves within wellknown international indexing publisher, i.e. scopus, Web of Science, or Copernicus, and have a methodological background in either quantitative or qualitative research methods

We do encourage reviews by laypeople and patients, but you need to disclose in your review what your level of expertise and background is.

Do not sign up as peer-reviewer if you have any conflicts of interest (note that we will treat any attempts by authors to sign up as reviewer under a false identity as scientific misconduct and reserve the right to promptly reject the article and inform the host institution).


Fill out the following form

After that, Sign up as a reviewer:

  1. Create an account with IJEAS or login with your existing account.
  2. On your user homepage, select "View Profile"
  3. Enter your review interests as keywords on the "Profile". An editor may use our reviewer database and invite you in the future to peer-review an article. If you fill in this box, you will automatically be checked off as a reviewer in your "roles" tab (see below).

    Note: If you already received a peer-review invitation, you can also edit your review interests in the peer-review form.

  4. If you don't want to enter specific reviewer interests but want to be invited to act as a reviewer, proceed to the "Roles" tab and check off the reviewer role. However, we highly recommend adding reviewer interests to ensure you are invited to review papers that are relevant to your area of expertise.

  5. After registered as as reviewer, you will be notified by editor and later you will be assigned to review an article suitable to your expertises.


The standard turnaround time for reviews is currently 2 weeks, and the general aim is to give constructive feedback to the authors and/or to prevent publication of uninteresting or fatally flawed articles. Reviewers will be acknowledged by name if the article is published, but remain anonymous if the article is declined.